Our Story

Brno Family Business

We first opened our business in 1995, with a single store on Bayerova Street. We started small, with our “warehouse” in our home and the whole business run by family members.

We brought people something new, something that had never been heard of before in politically isolated Czechoslovakia. Business started booming, so we opened new stores, expanded into new markets, and started wholesale supply and distribution in the Czech Republic and beyond. Despite our expansion, we still view the business as a beloved family affair.

Environmentally Friendly

Every business, whether we like it or not, has an impact on the environment. We try to eliminate the negative effects. We responsibly sort the waste our business produces, and we deliver our goods using an electric car rather than diesel. In each of our stores, we support minimal packaging by encouraging customers to shop with their own containers.

More Beautiful and Aromatic Brno

We want the city of Brno to thrive, and we are happy to contribute to this in our own small way. In the “scent map of Brno” or Brno smells good/Brno stinks, our sugared nut shop in the train station underpass was in first place (for the “best scents” fortunately!)

Our store on Česká participated in the 2019 Brno Design Days festival under the auspices of Retailoko. Part of the festival was the competition Výlohy jak Brno, for the best shop windows. Our collaboration with the artist Lenka Křikavová won second place in both the expert jury and public voting.

In our store on Kobližná, we pay attention to style. This store is listed as a model in the “Manual of Good Advertising and Branding Practices”. The Brno department for the care of historical monuments even documented our store to show an example of how it should look. We also organize exhibitions of artworks such as paintings and photographs; this display changes every two months.

Quality and Freshness Come First

We deliver our goods using refrigerated trucks, so the quality is always controlled even in warm weather. We always carefully check and maintain this standard! Our cars deliver goods to Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, and throughout the Czech Republic.